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Maple Ridge Butcher

Locally Sourced Specialty Meats
Chrcuterie Boards
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Butcher Shops

Welcome to Iron Butcher

We are experienced butchers providing quality, locally sourced meats, charcuterie boards, custom cutting, and game processing.


Our shop doesn’t just sell meat. We’ll tell you:

  • Where the meat was sourced

  • What it was fed

  • How it was processed


You can trust us to provide quality cuts and quality customer service.


Maple Ridge Butcher Shops

Our Values


When you purchase meat from a butcher, you get fresh, high quality meat right in front of you. Raised ethically and without the use of added hormones and antibiotics, you can feel good about the meat you’re eating and feeding your family.


We have a wide range of meat. If you’re looking to try something new, you’re in the right place! You can find your standard cuts of meat along with specialty items.

Local Focus

We source our meat from surrounding or nearby areas. Shopping locally helps to boost the local economy, while also supporting responsibly sourced meat.

Customer Service

We put our relationships with our customers first. We value being part of the local community and getting to know our customers.

“We’re proud to bring our products and services to the local community. ”

-Mike Lindsay, Owner & Butcher

Steak Maple Ridge

Smoked Sausages

We offer a variety of smoked sausages, made daily with quality ingredients.

Dry Aged Beef

Our prime cuts of beef is dry-aged in house to make it more tender and flavourful.

Local Chicken & Turkey

We carry fresh local quality chicken.


Fresh JD farm turkeys also available during the holidays

Local Pork

BC pork is simply the best. We source our pork from local farmers who care about the animals they raise.

Wild Seafood

We carry a selection of seafood 

Local Grocery Items

We carry a variety of grocery items that pair perfectly with your meat and seafood.

Alberta Bison

Bison is a lean and tasty meat. Grazed on the lands of Fort Saint John, our premium bison is simply the best.

Deli Loaves and Salamis

We offer a variety of house-made deli cuts and salami.


Our in-house made charcuterie is the perfect indulgence.

Smoked Jerky

Available in 4 flavours, our jerky is smoked naturally in-house with hickory wood chips, giving it a rich smoky flavour.

Maple Ridge Steak

Experienced Butcher At Your Service

With 24 years working as a butcher, owner Mike Lindsay has extensive experience across the industry.


We provide specialty cuts and if we don’t have what you’re looking for, we’ll source it for you.

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Maple Ridge Butcher

Quality Cuts From Your Local Butcher

Owner Mike Lindsay has long dreamed of being the owner-operator of his own shop. This shop is the realization of that dream.


Mike Lindsay

Owner/Head Butcher

From custom cutting to retail, production, and in-house smoking, Mike Lindsay knows the industry. Over the past 24 years, he has honed his skills and knowledge as a butcher.


Mike has worked from the ground up, meat cutter to lead hand supervisor, sharpening his skills in every facet of the craft. And serving as General Manager and Head Butcher for the past 15 years. 


His diverse experience across the industry has made him a knowledgeable butcher. He is passionate about serving the community with specialty items.



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Taste The Difference A Butcher Makes
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