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Charcuterie Board in Maple Ridge

Savour The Difference Local Meat Makes
Charcuterie board

Butcher Maple Ridge

Charcuterie Meats and Smoked Sausages

At Iron Butcher, we pride ourselves in making European first-class quality sausages


We carry a variety of  charcuterie meats and smoked sausages, including:​​

  • Hot Pepperoni

  • Mild Pepperoni

  • Honey Garlic Pepperoni

  • Bison Pepperoni

  • Chicken Pepperoni

  • Turkey Pepperoni 

  • Thuringer Bratwurst

  • Kolbassa

  • European Wieners 

  • Frankfurter

  • Ukrainian Garlic Smokies

  • Regular Smokies 

  • Cheese Smokies

  • Jalapeño Cheese Smokies

  • Pork Rookworst

  • Beef Rookworst 

  • Hungarian Salami

  • Cervelat Salami

  • Pepper Salami 

  • Gypsy Salami

  • Pure Beef Salami 

  • Mild Genoa Salami

  • Garlic Salami 

  • Bread Salami 

  • Garlic Salami Sticks 

  • Salami Sticks 

  • Cattle Sticks 

  • Landjaegar

  • Farmer Sausage

  • Hungarian Farmer Sausage

  • House Salami 

  • Dried Sauasge 

We guarantee this quality by; making all our products in-store, following the original/authentic German and Dutch recipes that have been used for generations and using only the freshest ingredients that are all supplied locally.


Serving the greater Vancouver area, our exquisite sausages are a unique specialty found nowhere else.


Maple Ridge Steak

Dry Aged Beef

The sweetest, most succulent beef is dry aged.


We dry age our AAA beef from 21-28 days, making it tender and flavourful.


Sourced locally within B.C., our beef is grass-fed for the first 9-10 months and finished on grain until they are 18-20 months old.


We also source local grass-fed and finished beef by special order


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Local Chicken

We source local free run chickens raised on a wheat-based diet, delivering superior flavour and quality.


All our chicken is Halal certified. 


We offer marinated and unmarinated chicken breast.


Maple Ridge Butcher

Local Pork

We’re proud to carry local BC pork.


The pork we source is raised with the best treatment practices. Cared for animals mean higher quality meat for you.


Butcher in Maple Ridge

Wild Seafood

We carry a wide range of local wild seafood, including:


  • Wild Salmon

  • Breaded Halibut Burgers

  • Breaded Cod Burgers 

  • Atlantic Cod

  • Poke Tuna

  • Ahi Tuna

  • Black Tiger Jumbo Shrimp 

  • Icelandic and Eastern Scallops

  • Crab cakes

  • And more!

charcuterie board

Butcher in Maple Ridge

Local Grocery Items

While you’re purchasing your local beef, pork, or chicken, why not pick up something to enjoy with it?


We offer a variety of local grocery items that pair perfectly with our meats.


Maple Ridge Steak

Alberta Bison

Straight from Lacombe, Alberta, we have grass-fed and grain finished


Bison meat is super lean and tasty – it’s also low in cholesterol, making it a guilt-free treat.


Maple Ridge Butchers Near Me

Deli Loaves

Our in-house made deli items will make lunchtime simple – and delicious! 

  • Black Forest Ham 

  • Old Fashion Ham 

  • Honey Ham

  • Oven Roasted Turkey 

  • Smoked Turkey

  • Pastrami

  • Capicolli

  • Pizza Pepperoni

  • Lyoner

  • Beer Sausage 

  • Smoked Beer Sausage 

  • Bavarian Meatloaf 

  • Dutch Meatloaf

  • Pimento Meatloaf

  • Steak Seasoned Roast Beef 

  • Cold Smoked Beef 

  • Black & White Peppered Roast Beef

  • Cold Smoked Schinkenspeck

charcuterie board

Maple Ridge Charcuterie Board


Made in-house, our charcuterie Boards are the perfect solution for parties, celebrations, or a romantic night.


Standard Charcuterie Board Includes:

  • 100 grams Pepper Salami

  • 100 grams Hungarian Salami 

  • 100 grams Salami Stick

  • 100 grams Landjaeger

  • 100 grams Wine Chorizo 

  • 100 grams Mild Pepperoni 

  • 100 grams Steak Bites 

  • 150 grams Cubed Medium Gouda

  • 150 grams Sliced Swiss Cheese

  • 22 ml Mini Jam 

  • Gherkins 

  • Almonds

  • Crackers

Includes Board


Indulge a little!


Maple Ridge Butcher

Smoked Jerky

Smoked in house using maple wood chips, our jerky and Steak bites come in a variety of flavours that are sure to satisfy.


  • Regular Jerky                                                 

  • Sweet Chilli Jerky               

  • Black Pepper Jerky      

  • Honey Garlic Jerky

  • Regular Steak Bites

  • Sweet Chilli Steak Bites 

  • Black Pepper Steak Bites


Succulent beef meets smoky flavour, making the perfect snack.


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